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Students created wood cookie name tags that fit several criteria

  1. include a pattern
  2. use colour
  3. place name neatly in the centre

20160906_152428.jpgstudents were placed in groups and asked to find unique things they had in common. They needed to come up with as many as possible.



A gallery of the ideas the students had for setting up the classroom. There were many unique ideas!

20161102_111614.jpgPumpkin Math – students estimate seeds, count them and find other math facts about their group pumpkin

20161128_123252.jpgusing black boards and socks to erase, students work as a class on UPSC math word problems.

Understand, Plan, Solve, Communicate


What comes to mind when I say measure? Students collaborated together to create a mind mind, and then grouped words based on distance, objects measured, and tools we use to measure

20161130_125940.jpga smart board activity looking at kids’ palms and how many thumbs it took to determine length of the palm. Students were asked what they noticed and as a class, added the parts to the graph in red.


the unveiling of the class mascot. Students voted for a mascot that best represented their views of what our classroom stands for. Students also wrote speeches for their particular mascot by working collaboratively in a group.