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During my first year as a teacher candidate I worked with Encounters Canada, Elections Canada, Ottawa U, and my colleagues to increase understandings of Canada’s democracy, electoral and legislative processes among youth, and to inspire them to take action in relation to their civic and community responsibilities. To learn more, click on the link in the above paragraph.


I have an interest in growing my knowledge in technology,which is why I began creating this website. I have written about how to use google keep in the classroom, how I have used google docs in the past, and the pros and cons of Pear Deck.

I believe in restorative practices and inclusion in the classroom. My goal is to complete tribes training at the end of this program.

I believe students should be involved in their own learning, and lessons taught to students should be related go their real life experiences.


Students create post cards to send to Justin Trudeau. In their post card they explain to the Prime Minister in a few sentences what Child’s rights means to them individually.